TV Warm Up

Our TV warm-up artists are highly skilled and experienced in TV audience warm up.

We're proud to have unparalleled access to a wide range of respected warm up acts including long established TV Warm Up talent to suit all requirements and budgets. Wherever a live audience needs rousing for any purpose be it a TV show or event, you can rely on our team of talent to set the right atmosphere for the recording or act to follow. Whether it's pre-recording or during to cover technical delays, re-takes or scene changes, we've got you covered. Our warm up specialists are experienced in auto cues, and working with directors & floor managers to ensure studio etiquette is observed and that silence and applause timings are spot on. Our acts can liaise with production teams prior to the show to take any particular brief, or just rock up and get the job done.

We can also provide warm ups at very short notice. Please text or call +44 790 5310027 for emergencies.

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+44 790 5310027

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