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AEH Productions producing recorded and live entertainment was formed to create a route to market for our own rosters' talent. Our film production company comprises our own Actors, Directors, Writers and distribution network. Please contact

Production Crew


Tomorrows Another Day - Tarquin Olivier; Pre production

The Spy In The Eagles Nest - Frank Tuscany; Pre production

The Last Train To Shanghai - Gabriel Murray, Igor Ryabchuk; Pre production

The Story of Margery Booth

Proud to have been retained as Assistant Producer to Imperial Film Productions Ltd.

Hitler was obsessed by this English opera singer who was working for M16 and hiding escaped British airmen in her Berlin apartment. She sang to British PoWs, worked with MI6 spy John Brown and eventually gave evidence at war crimes trials.

Production details:


Collage representing Margery Booth's life
Nightclub where they used to meet
Margery and Sylvie at the opera house bar
Hitler at the opera
Press cutting of John Brown
Official citation for John Brown
Margery’s signing of John’s War Log

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