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Scott Vierling

Scott is a young passionate photographer just starting out. Extensively travelled, he's worldly and confident, yet also considered, sensitive, kind, empathic and intuitive. Based in the beautiful South West of England Scott's attitude resonates with our own. We go wherever. Whenever. However. As some of his shots convey.

His mission is to capture The vibe. The energy. The moment.

Apart from his noticeable eye for detail, what impresses us most about Scott's work is his immense dedication, diligence and determination to get it 'just right'. He's professional, artistic, imaginative, and competitive. It's a total pleasure to work with him. We think you'll find that too.

Scott is available for diverse photography needs, on or off set, globally.

We welcome your enquiries for immediate or future ideas and look forward to working with you on any project where we can add value be it stand alone photography, filming, editing or provision of talent of any combination.



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Jody Wright

We admire Jody's readily distinguishable style and recommend his work highly. Please let us know if you need a professional photo shoot, and we'd be very pleased to provide you with more info.



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