Mr Ben (Chimezie Benedict Ihekuna)

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Mr Ben (Chimezie Benedict Ihekuna) Mr Ben (Chimezie Benedict Ihekuna) Mr Ben (Chimezie Benedict Ihekuna)

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Chimezie, pen name 'Mr Ben' was the first born of four siblings, two brothers and a sister, their mother sadly passing away in 2022.

His primary and secondary school education finishing after A levels, (in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics) followed by further tertiary education was in Lagos, an ever hustling and bustling city, which contributed considerably to his wide reaching life and survival skills. This man's artistic journey is a story of survival, and his determination and persistence to be heard shines through his work like a lamp in the darkest cave.

As a child, Mr Ben always imagined he would, one day, become a published writer, poet, essayist, playwright, novelist and narrator. As an adult, three decades later, living alone with an incredible work rate and positive outlook, Mr Ben's efforts to make ends meet in an incredibly poor and difficult environment has earned our respect and aeh management signed him in 2023 to support him realise his life ambitions and appropriate rewards for his vision, talent, diligence and humility.

In his own words "In a nation where practically everything seem to be collapsing over time, I have taken it upon myself to transcend the bar of complacency: a rampant decision among most young people in Nigeria."

After literally hundreds of rejections for almost eight years, commendably he has become the published author he has always dreamed of becoming. He went on to turn his publications into screenplays and short scripts into audio drama podcasts.

Besides being an avid reader and writer, his personal interests and areas of work include animal care, essential food services, AI, alien life, and human empowerment.

Chimezie has congenital CFA, (craniofacial anomalies), a diverse group of deformities in the growth of the head and facial bones and has faced a lifetime of unkind human interaction which has only strengthened his will to succeed and ours too; his management.

Mr Ben said "Despite being born facially deformed and consequently having to endure the trauma of being looked down on by society (neighbours, schools I attended, even the churches I was once a member of) during my formative years, I summoned the courage to press on ahead with the burning ambition of becoming useful to myself and society. There was no finance to even see myself basically at the time. But through years of endurance and determination, I was able to pull through my painful childhood and hold onto my imagination of being a published writer and furthering myself in the only way I knew how, expressing myself, speaking, poetry & writing".

Mr Ben's various works are diverse and captivating and "a more than worthwile read", "challenging and thought provoking", "an incredibly enjoyable listen", "writes with pain, heart and soul".

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